Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bring on the SPs

Maybe my plan of attack all along was to complete a Heritage set once every two years.  Maybe my subconscious was actually telling me "Robert, you don't really want to collect the 2012 Heritage set because you haven't finished the 2011 set yet".  It could be that I'm trying to maintain some discipline and actually complete some sets before digging into new pursuits.

Whatever the case may be, I was fortunate to come into some short prints from the 2011 Heritage set recently, 9 of them to be exact.  The first three I was able to pick up at the card show 10 days ago

I paid $2 apiece.  I was actually just happy to see some SPs from last years set at the show. 

The other 6 I received in the mail late last week courtesy of Ross from the Design on Deck blog.  Ross's blog is very creative with some very unique designs, a couple of which he has showcased recently with the "Pennant" line, and "Triple Crown Candidates".  It's just my opinion, but Topps could take a lesson from Ross.

On to the cards...

You know you're being taken care of when someone sends you 2 SPs of players from their favorite team.  Ross, thank you for the cards...I still owe you!

If my count is correct, only 40 SPs to go.  I figure I've got 7 months before 2013 Heritage is released to get this completed.

No problem.    Yeah, right....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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