Monday, September 10, 2012

Blue Jay Monday: 2012 Triple Play Brett Lawrie

Once again I took the opportunity of a Blue Jay Monday to not randomly select a card to discuss.  During the August group break over at Colbey's Cardboard Collections, there were a few A&G cards that he needed that I was able to send to him.  In return, he threw in a few extra Blue Jays on top of the group break haul, and one of the extra cards he sent me was none other than this.

Panini Triple Play #85, Toronto's Brett Lawrie.  Of course, you have seen many reviews of these cards on many other blogs as I have.  To be honest, I didn't know what to think about this product after seeing all the posts. 

To be honest, I'm OK with it.  I'm not floored by it, nor am I repulsed by it either.  Panini took as much liberty as they could with what limited ability they have to release a baseball product without licensing. 

The black bar with the brand logo and the player name is rather big, but in this case why the hell not?  It's not as if the extra space is taking away from something that is relevant on the card; it is a drawing after all.  The maple leafs (oops) on the red background is a cool touch as well.

The back has the same drawing, a nice little write up (Great White North!  anyone else hear the McKenzie brothers?) and a little trivia for those of us who like to brush up on our baseball knowledge. 

Will I collect this set?  No, that's not happening.  Will I turn my nose up at any Blue Jays from this set that come my way?

Absolutely not.  Thank you Colbey for the extras, great stuff!  Thank you as well for the TSC break in August, there were a lot of great cards in there for me.

Take off you hosers, Robert

How's it going, eh?

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