Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Yep, still working on Gypsy Queen

While out running errands with my wife on Saturday, we decided to stop at Target on the way back home.  Target is a rare stop for me since it's about 20 miles from my house (over the state line no less).  Naturally, I poked around in the card area, and since A&G wasn't particularly interesting to me today, I decided to go for another set that I had mentioned a couple of weeks ago on the blog.

Gypsy Queen packs of various types were still in full force there.  The rack packs were actually buried in behind a bunch of Bowman Platinum (no, I will not be touching those), so I dug a couple of them out.  Combined with a couple of loose single packs, my pack ripping jones was cured.

I didn't fare too badly either.

First, the minis...

The top row are all regular backs, the Martinez and Thames are Straight Cut, the Oswalt, well he speaks for himself.

I did pretty well on the brown framed cards as well, no slouches at all.  All the cards above except for the Thames mini are up for trade.

Of course, there are the usual inserts and variations as well.   I was lucky enough to pull a Mariano Rivera variation card that I needed for my set.

In addition, I snagged an auto today from the first rack pack I opened, and it's a nice looking auto if I do say so...

Gaby Sanchez, now of the Pittsburgh Pirates, has a decent looking signature...he uses his full first name Gabriel (or a form thereof) in his signature.

Yes, I still am going to build this set.  Gypsy Queen for me became like a lot of the early season releases among a lot of collectors...lost in the shuffle. 

I still need a little over 100 cards to complete the set, including 38 of the variations....this one is going to take some time to complete for sure.

Want to trade for any of the minis/inserts/auto?  Drop me a line...email or comment always works.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'm interested in the framed Musial card if it's up for trade. I bought a couple of blasters of this stuff earlier this summer, so I'll have to check to see if you need any of what I have left.

  2. I have a bunch of this stuff, so let me know what you still need and maybe I can help you out with it.