Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This trade was a "killer"

I'm spoiled.  I have had the good fortune so far of having quite a few people see what they want on my blog, then make me an offer just as quickly that I cannot refuse.  One such blogger who turned that trick on me was Greg who runs the Plaschke, thy sweater is Argyle site.

I will say that I'm 7 for 7 in trades with Greg, and they just keep getting easier.  Greg saw an Evan Longoria '12 Topps jersey card that I posted, made me an offer, and our 7th trade was completed...just like that.

Yes, for me, this trade was a 'killer'.  At least, that's who Greg sent me in return...

07-08 UD Trilogy

Thank you Upper Deck for picturing Doug Gilmour in a Maple Leaf uniform and using a blue swatch.
Thank you as well for using the vintage Maple Leafs logo, which was used from the 27/28 season through the 37/38 season.  That logo is still my favorite of all time, because it is so simple and doesn't look as if it were computer generated.

Thank you again for the trade Greg, I look forward to #8!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Thanks for another great trade Robert! I've got my end of the deal posting this Sunday.

    Hope the draft cards were to your liking as well, and thanks for joining that yet again!