Monday, August 13, 2012

The last of the National additions

I figured instead of going into a lengthy post detailing the remainder of my purchases, I'd just give out some of the highlights of what's left over.

A couple of hockey HOFers from early 1970s Topps sets are always a good pickup...the Ullman is the first Leaf card from the 71-72 sets that I own.  50 cents was well worth it.

I figured I'd throw together a scan of some of the other cards I also purchased from the same table for 50 cents apiece.  The Aaron is very well loved, but at 50 cents I just couldn't say no.  I grabbed quite a few 71's, 73's and a few 75's from this table, the only "oddball" was the '72 Killebrew IA card you see below. 

Yes...all were 50 cents apiece

A '69 Steve Carlton in damn good condition....and no, it wasn't 50 cents...

At $12, this was the priciest card for me at the show...well worth it

Some more '64 cards that feature McCovey and I mentioned the other day, I was able to snag a few of the league leader cards from the '64 set at good prices, I believe that these 3 cards cost me a total of $12.

Another nice find for me...this Piniella RC set me back $8.

You can't tell me that it doesn't look like Sweet Lou spent too much time in a tanning booth

All totaled, I spent a little over 6 weeks of my budget at the National, but the cards that I added to my collection included a lot of great finds at some pretty sweet deals, so I really can't complain. 

Besides, what else was I going to do with my bonus check from work anyhow??

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You had me at the Dionne card... Nice bunch of cards. Especially that Wes Parker card, err, I mean the Garvey card.
    Can you believe Cobb's career BA? yeah... not going to be beat any time soon. I can only think of a few people who have hit single season that high in my life time!

    I can't believe you don't have more '71-72s! That and the 68-69 are my favorite sets.