Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Now I know where all the serial #'d cards went

As promised, more to show you from my first day at the National.  Tonight's post will feature more modern stuff, purchased on the cheap (did you expect anything else?)

I found a table that was offering up relics/autos for 60-70% off.  I could have sat there and loaded up on a bunch of stuff, but I didn't really want to blow a good portion of my budget on these types of cards.  I wound up purchasing 4 cards for $15, which I thought was a pretty good deal.

This first one is headed to a certain Texas Rangers fan....

Brian, I have 2 cards coming at ya!

The next 2 are welcome, and cheap additions to my Blue Jays auto/relic collection.  I'm hoping that both of these guys turn it around soon, or the wild card in 2012 will become just another memory...

The Lind is a pretty nice looking auto if I do say so...

This next card is another sad obsession that is plaguing me.  The letter manupatches are becoming a quirky little side bar in my collecting habit.  This one not only has the first letter of my last name, but the team colors are the same as my high school, white and gold.

Danny Putnam.   You remember him, don't you?  Come on....think!!!

OK, I'll end your misery.  Danny spent a grand total of 17 days in the majors during the 2007 season.  Come on, you don't remember his HR off Neal Musser of the Royals?  The A's were ahead 12-3 at the time....

LOL...OK, enough, I get it.  The card actually looks better than what it scans....and like I said, the letters are a bit of a weakness.

Now, as the title of the post leads you to believe, a little bit of insanity took place at the show.   I printed out the entire want list, all 900+ numbers needed, and wandered the floor.  Sure enough, I came upon a table that had boxes of nothing but serial numbered cards for 50 cents apiece.

Not just little two row shoe boxes.  Monster boxes.  2 full 3000 count boxes of nothing but serial numbered baseball cards.

Now only if they had a chair I could have used, I would have spent more money at their booth.  But, the lack of seating caused me to stick to my predetermined limit of $20 per table (I am a cheap son of a gun...).

$20 is worth 40 cards....sure enough I found 40 numbers that I needed that were of Topps/Bowman products, and went on my merry way.

See if you can spot the error in the first scan...

There should have been one more lefty hitter in this scan

Here's some more serial #'d goodness for you:

I even did reasonably well in picking out teams where I needed cards, such as the Rockies, Royals and Brewers. 

I still haven't gone through my entire Friday at the show, but suffice it to say that these 2 purchases were the only modern cards I picked up on day 1.  Not what I had expected to do, but hey you never know what's going to fall in your lap until you get there, right??

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Unless Ricky can go down & do a Halladay rediscovery, he's toast.

  2. Thanks Robert! Someone needs to turn Keith around.