Saturday, August 11, 2012

National Saturday: Flat rate cards

It took a little time for me to decide how to split up the Saturday purchases that I made at the National.  Again, at least in my opinion I got some more great deals on my 2nd day at the show.  After a little bit of thought, I figured I would split the first post among two tables where the cards I purchased were an easy flat rate.

The first table was actually the Dave & Adam's booth.  I'm sure you're familiar with the Western New York multi store/internet retailer.  Well, as usual they had their mega sized booth with some pretty good deals on wax. 

I am proud to say I resisted the temptation to purchase any wax at the show!!  But...tucked in the back corner of their booth, I found several boxes of jersey cards at a flat rate of $4 per card.  A digging I went...

The A.J. Burnett card I displayed last Sunday on my post was one of the 7 cards I picked up.  The 2nd card is one that I failed to scan before I sent it off to Brian at Play at the Plate.  I'm sure once Brian receives it, he'll show it off for you.  The next three were all Maple Leafs jerseys, a particular weakness of mine as well.

Sittler jersey card for $4!  You bet it is coming home with me.

I also found another pitching star among the boxes, a longtime Blue Jays star that I couldn't leave at the show.

Calling Dr. Halladay

After what seemed an eternity digging through these boxes, I finally found a jersey card of the newest PC that I've started....Jim Thome

The first...

While I spent roughly 30 minutes looking through the myriad of jersey cards at that booth, the next purchase is quite the opposite.

On my out of the show, I hit a table that had a few people milling around.  One of the display cases had a starburst sign on it that caught my eye.

"All cards in this case, $5"

OK...let's take a look then!  Needless to say within 5 minutes, I was 4 cards closer to my '64 Topps set.  I was able to snag 4 League Leaders cards that he had...

Ford, Bouton, Pascaul, Koufax, Drysdale...all on 2 cards for $10!!  You betcha!

The Killer and Hank Aaron....2 cards for $ can I say no??  I couldn't...

The 2nd day of the National gave me the opportunity to do something that I wanted to do, which was to start finding some of the "medium" priced cards for this set.  Yes, there still is the matter of cards like Mantle, Rose, Clemente and others that are going to be tough to find for less than triple digits, but those are later on down the line.

1 more post of National treasures to show off....and yes, it is more vintage ranging from 64-75...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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