Friday, August 24, 2012

Blue Yu and other musings

To be honest, I really haven't felt like writing about anything serious.  Nothing has really happened lately that has given me cause for alarm.

OK, maybe one thing....the piles and piles of cards that surround me each time I write a post.  Ever since, oh let's say the middle of July, I have felt very little motivation to put things in their proper place.  It seems that every time I do sort out one group of cards, another group or 3 arrives to replace that .

So to punish myself, and maybe you too, I've decided to hunt through some of the piles and, well, try to muse on some of the cards I see.

Cards such as Blue Yu.  Yu Darvish has been around for several months now, and I have not taken one opportunity to use his name in a play on words.  Awful lines such as...

I'm calling Yu

Me and Yu and a dog named Boo

Yu Betcha!!

We all live in his Yu-niverse

Yu can't always get what Yu want...

He's in the prime of his Yuth.

OK, I know, that's's the Blue Yu at least  (It's funny, lately I've wound up with a lot of cards that belong in Texas.)


 (HEY Dave Stewart, what did you think of all those Yuisms???)

Ahem...moving onwards... 

You will all see a post from me next week about a certain autograph card that I pulled recently (contest), but in the mean time here's an auto that just doesn't make sense.

Please tell me how "Erik Gustafsson" turns into an auto with the letters    S  V  S.   What???

All right...let's see what else is on the desk about we run to the Hills and get some cards?

Are there any Hills stores left?

Another part of the package that my wife found me at the Goodwill a few weeks back.  I had never seen any of these glossy Team MVP cards released by Topps in 1989.  There were a few decent names in the pile, such as Mark Langston, Fred McGriff, and Dale Murphy to name a few.  Oh and those Dodger players above as well....they'll do in a pinch.

Come on Topps, you waited until Series 2 to put his card out, couldn't you have at least used the name that the guy wants to be called??  Giancarlo if you need help spelling it.....

Mike Pelfrey wants him banished

Finally, a little love for the 64 Topps set that I'm putting together.  I would love to see more cards like this in modern sets (I know that Heritage is doing it...)

Wonder what those 2 people in the stands are doing there?

For all of you that made it to this portion of the post, be thankful for one thing...

I didn't dip into the piles of GQ and A&G....have a great weekend!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Dave Stewart is not impressed with McKayla Maroney being unimpressed.