Thursday, June 7, 2012

One of my 2012 blog goals falls by the wayside

Without a doubt, I can happily say that I'm glad to get one of these goals completed so early in the year.  Being able to build up my Blue Jay auto/relic collection so quickly is a testament to the good folks in the blogosphere who have gone out of their way to "hook me up".

I found this card while looking for some of the '08 UD Masterpieces jersey cards the other day on eBay (I told you I was working on my sets!!).  This seller had a bunch of cards up for a buck, and you all know my wont to spend cheaply when I can, especially on eBay. 

Without further adieu, I give you #30

For a buck, I just couldn't leave it there
Say what you will about Upper Deck over the years and their propensity to mimic old Topps designs, but when they came up with their own, they didn't fare too badly.  This 2004 Upper Deck Play Ball bat card of Carlos Delgado looks really cool.  The piece of bat is stamped with a star containing the Blue Jay logo, but for me I think it makes the card look even better.  Just imagine if that had been a plain bat piece.....boring!!  Kudos on this one UD!!

As I mentioned above, I also scored a couple of 2008 UD Masterpieces jersey cards, both for a buck apiece.  Yes, they are two more commons, but that's two more closer to the goal...

23 down!!

I did score a 4th jersey card from this seller, but that one is involved in a trade to net me another Blue Jay auto...I'll let that blogger show off the card when he gets it.

Only six more goals to go...I'm looking forward to getting cracking on the set building goal this weekend by putting some more wants on the blog....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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