Saturday, June 23, 2012

It's not often I take a couple of days off

You ever get that feeling when you're away for a couple of days from work/school because you're sick, or you decided to take a mini vacation, that you are behind the rest of the world?

That's how I feel today.  Like the blogosphere has passed me by.  I didn't write on Thursday because I was kind of wiped out by the time I sat down at the keyboard, and the inspiration just wasn't there.  I didn't write yesterday because we have friends in town and I wanted to spend some time with them.

Well, this evening is another matter.  I am at the keyboard and ready to go.

I could talk about lots of things.  One of them being my attendance at the 2nd day of the NHL draft today.  For me, that was quite the experience.  It showed me how the first round of the modern day drafts have become a shmaltz fest for the networks.  The first round took 4 hours last night, I was there for 1 hr and 45 minutes today and watched 3 full rounds and part of a 4th.  What a difference. 

The best part about the event, which was also unexpected, was a few tables of cards were set up!  I didn't spend a whole lot of time looking at what was there, because I had a card show that I planned to attend later in the afternoon, but I did manage to find a couple of Leafs jersey cards for $2 apiece...can't leave them there at that price.

I was kind of Russian, so I grabbed these two really quick

The card show was a bit of a disappointment...not as many tables as I'd hoped for, but still there was some goodies to take home. 

Those I will show you tomorrow..

Thanks for reading, Robert

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