Tuesday, June 5, 2012

eBay brings me a little (in)sanity & a contest update

This is a quick post to show off some of the cards I snagged towards the Serial Insanity Project.  It has been a while since I completed a card post on there, but the lists and cards by team pages have all been updated, and the project now stands at 551 out of the 1500 cards needed to complete.

The eBay auction I won was for a lot of 26 '11 Topps Gold cards.  I took a chance on this one, figuring that even if I didn't score all 26 for the set, I would need some of them, and the rest I could use for trades.

Turned out that 11 of the cards were needed for the set, and I received a few decent players in the lot.

There have been quite a few entries so far for the contest I'm running as well.  There have been enough guesses to warrant two giveaways so far, and if the number of guesses hits 30, I'll add a third prize as well.
You have until Wednesday night at 11 PM EDT to enter, so don't delay!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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