Friday, April 27, 2012

Topps really did their homework on this card

For all the bashing that we do of Topps and the errors on cards and things of that nature, I found a card this past weekend while perusing through my many boxes of hockey cards, and was ready to pounce.  I take you back to the 2002-03 Topps Heritage hockey set, specifically card # 81 of Stu Barnes.

The TV set design will always be a classic

As you can plainly see on the card, he played on the Buffalo Sabres at the time.  If you look at the jersey however, you can see "N E W Y", the start of New York of course.

I was ready to jump on this one.  New York?  Yes, Buffalo is in New York, but they don't wear New York on the front of their jersey.

As has been proven many times, I was wrong.  Doing a little research of Google images, I came upon a post over at Third String Goalie which documents a game that was played between the Sabres and the New York Rangers in honor of the victims of the 9/11 attack.  It seems the Sabres wore these jerseys for that particular game, and both teams auctioned off their jersey for charity. 

Just when I thought I had something....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. cool. first thing I noticed was Montreal and Toronto sitting on the benches.

  2. So many gestures were done back during that awful time in American history and yet so many will never be known to the masses.

    Such is life in all regards, I guess.