Monday, April 16, 2012

The number 30, and taking the new header for a test drive

OK, taking the new header out for a spin today.   I absolutely love it!!  It's like Ross over at Design on Deck could actually read my mind.  I gave him a couple of ideas for the header, and he turned out something so simple, yet so perfect for me.

Ross, as I said in the email, thank you very much!!  I'll find something to send your way for sure.

Of course the uniform bears the colors of my beloved Blue Jays, and the numbers are the retro style, which the Jays should have never given up over the years.  Seeing that got me to thinking...

Which Jays over the years have worn the #30 on their back?  I was surprised when I did a little research and found the list contained 12 players.  I thought there may have been more, but now that think more about it, 1 every 3 years that the franchise has existed isn't too bad.

There were 6 players that wore the number for only one season:

Juan Berenguer (1981)
Wayne Nordhagen (1982)
Mike Morgan (1983)
Frank Castillo (2000)
Doug Linton (2003)

and the following fellow who wore it first in Blue Jays history.

'77 Topps # 517
They tried so hard to airbrush those Jays hats didn't they?  Pete spent only the 1977 season in Toronto before being moved on to St. Louis in a deal that would see a couple of pitchers come back to the Jays.  Pete had a relatively successful season in Toronto, making 53 appearances including 8 starts with a 3.47 ERA and 8 saves.

There were four Jays who would wear the # 30 for two seasons:

Joe Cannon (1979-1980)
Ron Musselman (1984-1985)
Woody Williams (1997-1998)
Alberto Castillo (2000-2001)

There was only one player to wear # 30 for three years (2004-2006), and he was the last Jay to wear it:

'07 UD  #246

Justin Speier's 3 years in Toronto were the most successful of his career from a numbers standpoint.  Justin went 8-10 with a 3.18 ERA and a 1.160 WHIP over those 3 years, with all of his appearances coming out of the pen.  Justin was only one of 2 players drafted in the 55th round (!) of the 1995 draft to make it to the majors, the only other was Mark Mulder who didn't sign with the Tigers, and was drafted 3 years later with the 2nd pick by the A's.

There was only one player to wear the #30 for more than 3 years in a Jays uniform, and he wore it with the most success as well.

Todd Stottlemyre wore the # 30 for 6 years in Toronto, starting in 1989 (Score Young Superstars # 20 on the right) and finishing in 1994 (Fleer # 344 on the left).  Todd was part of the 2 World Series winning clubs in 92 & 93, and won 69 games over his 7 years in Toronto (he wore #16 in 1988 before making the switch).  Todd would later wear the #30 in stints with Oakland, St. Louis and Arizona.


  1. I was actually looking for a real #30 shot but couldn't find one and had to make it on my own. I guess there haven't been a whole lot of standouts to wear #30, huh?

  2. Ross is taking over the world! He made my header and I STILL love it!