Monday, April 2, 2012

I'm ready for the season to start!

Got a bunch more Blue Jays in the mail from Max over at the Starting Nine blog on the weekend, and I will say they helped get the motor revved up for what could be a damn good season if the starting pitching holds up.

I figured I'd show off a few of them for you, have a little bit of fun and share a little info as well.

First, a little proof that Topps has been obsessed with Gold for going on 15 years now...(at least)

Next, how many of you can tell me the name of the Who song I think of every time I see a card of this guy?

Nothing witty to say about this next card, I just wanted to say that I like the colored parallels from '06 Opening Day, they just seem to stand out better than a lot of other parallels I've seen over the years.

Do any of you think MLB Network would have hired Al Leiter if they had seen this picture as an 8x10 glossy?

The Jays plucked this next guy from the Phillies as a Rule 5 draftee in 1980.  I love the box bottom colors on the top border of the card...they really stand out as well.

OK, all of you raise your hands if you knew that this next guy had his career high in HRs during his one and only season in Toronto in 1998 (he had 46 that year).  OK now put your hands down cause you are all lying if you knew that....

Finally, I'm sure that you all remember the uproar that happened last summer when the Yankees accused the Blue Jays of having a guy in the outfield stands in Toronto "stealing signs". 

Hell, we've been stealing signs for 20 years now!!!!  We just weren't as subtle about it back in the day...

It's gonna be a fastball Cito!!!

Max, thank you for the always they are most appreciated!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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