Saturday, April 7, 2012

I picked up some '12 Topps stickers on a lark

When I picked up the '11 Topps Chrome pack today in K Mart, I saw some stickers from this years Topps set, along with the album. 

To be honest, I want to say the last time I even attempted to complete a sticker album was in the late 70's when Panini released stickers/albums for international hockey.  It took a little bit of digging, but I found an eBay auction to demonstrate. 

So today, I figured what the hell, so I grabbed an album and 4 packs of stickers, all of which were 20% off (even better!). 

Here is the album, which has 33 pages on which to stick 309 stickers, which I found to be an interesting number. 

Now, on to the stickers:

Interesting mix of current players, past stars (I pulled Ruth and Musial out of my 4 packs), and mascots. 

My question to you is:  Do you collect stickers as part of your team collection, or do you stick strictly to cards? 

Between this and the Opening Day packs I picked up, these are certainly two ways to add to your collection on the cheap, and a good way as well for kids to have some fun, and learn a bit about the greats of the game as well. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I have a box where I keep my oddball Jays and minis (Jays and players I collect, plus minis I like), so the stickers go in there. Sticking with just cards is no fun! The sticker book last year was pretty cool to collect and finish up and I thought about it this year too but it seems that few bloggers are going for it this year as opposed to last year.