Monday, March 12, 2012

A weeks worth of posts in one box: Part 3

As promised from yesterday's post, we have the "art" cards featured here.

You've seen from other posts of mine that cards like UD Masterpieces and Topps Gallery are some of my favorites.  The 7 cards in this post are no different, especially the first 3.

The Lopez and Stewart cards are from the Topps T206 2002 set, while the Hinske is from the 2003.  I haven't seen too many of these cards in my travels, but the artwork on them is first rate.  The shadowing on Lopez's face is pretty cool, and the detail on all 3 cards is first rate.  These will happily become a part of my Jays collection.

The next 4 cards are a nice mixed bag of different sets:

Various years and sets are featured here.  The upper left card is a '07 Bowman Heritage of Curtis Thigpen.  Although the artwork is very nice, the one thing that disappoints about the card is the total lack of information on the front.  I've not seen too many of the Goodwin Champions cards as well, but from the Joe Carter card that I received from Ted, I like what I see.  The name, position and team name all in the upper right corner is pretty unique, and the banner at the bottom isn't too large or overbearing.  Topps Gallery from 2001 is featured in the upper right corner with Brad Fullmer, and as per usual, the artwork is first rate, even right down to the blocked Kodak picture ad on the wall in the background.  On the bottom is an '05 Donruss Diamond Kings card of Vernon Wells.  I love the design, and the green works well with the blue.  Only problem is....Vernon, you look absolutely miserable!! 

All in all, these 7 cards are all welcome additions to the collection.  Thanks again Ted!

Tomorrow, my "all-time" team from what was in the box.....the pitchers..

Thanks for reading, Robert

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