Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miscellaneous eBay wins, and what may be the worst cow lick on a baseball card

The beginning of this past week was very good for me in terms of cheapo eBay wins.  I was able to pickup a couple of $1.99 lots of vintage cards to add to the collection. 

The first lot is a group of 4 '64 Topps cards, including my first Yankee from the set:

The Pepitone is listed in the magazine for $12 in NM, and while this card is definitely not NM, for 50 cents it finds a welcome home here.

The other lot that I grabbed was from the same seller that I featured last night with the '77 Topps cards.  The 2nd lot was a pick 15 lot, with mixed years from the 60's and early 70's.  I picked up 4 '68 Topps:

All 4 guys hitting, but only the Senators players wearing rule maybe??

I also grabbed 8 '73 Topps cards:

The '73 set is another beauty, down the road this is another one that I'll put together.  Did the San Diego Padres uniforms really look like that back in '73? 

Finally, I grabbed 4 '62 Topps cards:

badly miscut the lot of them, but I have a soft spot for the wood grain set as well.  Later...much much later as far as collecting that set.

Oh wait, there is a 4th card from the '62s

A little dab would have done him
That was worth the price of the lot in itself.  I know when  my hair starts standing up on end like his that its time for the razor to come out and start a shavin!!

The vintage has been fun to dabble in recently, and it's something I'll definitely get back into when I start finishing up some of these modern sets that I've started.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Great haul. Am I mistaken or is Dick Green about to boot that grounder?