Friday, March 16, 2012

A break from the box worth of posts to show you something else

A little light lunch of card perusing for you.

Snapped up another cheap auction on Sportlots this past week, for $1.25 I was able to grab these 3 cards...

'62 Topps #479 Joel Horlen.  Card is off center, but the edges are in decent condition and the back is unmarked.

'63 Topps # 574 Hal Kolstad. This one is the most beat up of the 3, with all 4 corners being rounded and the left edge quite chipped, but again the back is pretty clean and has no markings.

'64 Topps # 404 Tony Martinez.  This card was the main reason I purchased this lot, and yes it is off center, but the edges are in good shape, and the corners are OK as well.  The orange on the back is still quite bright and the cartoon hasn't been rubbed off. 

Good enough of a deal that I couldn't pass it up.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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