Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 28 began yesterday at the monthly card show

Good Sunday morning to you's Super Bowl Sunday.  Although I will be rooting for the Giants to win, I have a feeling that Patriots are going to pull this one out (I've been known to be wrong before).

Yesterday was an interesting day for me to say the least.  $700 to fix my truck (with more to come) left me in a bit of a mood, and also with a lot less time than I normally have to peruse the monthly card show. 

I did hit some of my usual tables however, and picked up some stuff quickly and cheaply.  I snagged 3 more cards towards the insanity set.  At another table the dealer was selling '12 Topps at 3/$5, so I bought $20 worth, and did OK.  A couple of doubles, nothing too serious, 4 of the '87 minis and handfuls of the other inserts of which I will not bore you with the scans.  I will show you the best card I pulled...

I bought a ton of packs last year, and didn't hit one black parallel.  The 4th pack this year, and I snag a Jason Bay black, #'d 9/61.  This is already earmarked for a trade.

Anytime I hit this show I always go to my vintage guy.  He has a table full of vintage from the 50's through the 70's.  I decided that I was going to spend no more than 10 bucks at his table, so I started leafing through the 50 cent row of cards he had.  The '64 Topps set is becoming a curiosity for me, largely because that's another design that I can't help but like (kind of like the '86, yeah I know it's weird, but I'm like that...).  I found a half dozen of the '64s that I now have in my possession.

There were only a couple of names in this group of 6 that I'd ever heard of (Pappas and Perranoski), so not only will these be fun to collect, but a learning experience as well.  The only players that I really know of from the 60's were stars or those who later coached or managed in baseball somewhere.

The backs of these cards were also in pretty good shape as well.

Only one of the 6 cards had the cartoon rubbed off, which was good.  For $3, for me a great beginning to this set, which I'm sure one day I'll collect when each of the modern sets I'm going after is complete. 

The same dealer always has 100 count lots of sets from the 70's  for a bargain price as well, so I took a look at the '75 Topps he had.  He had it listed for $7, on the top of the case was this card:

not a bad start, The Cobra Dave Parker.  Now when I usually buy these lots from him, the cards are mostly commons, but on the bottom of this lot was a nice Rollie Fingers card.

Not in the greatest shape, but a listed card so to get it at a cheapo price was cool.  I bought the lot on the basis of those 2 cards alone, but there were some other cards that I was happy to see in the middle...for instance this card.

Although it looks like someone had a little fun with Bob's right eye, this card was still pretty cool to pickup in this lot.  There were some others that I liked and was happy to grab...

Two parts of the big Red Machine

Part of the best infield of the 70's and an all rookie team pitcher

Plus a pair of cards that I know will make a few Dodgers fan cringe because they are side by side...

100 cards for 7 bucks can't be beat, especially when you crack open the case and find a bunch of cards you wouldn't expect to see in there. 

I didn't have any of my want lists with me unfortunately because of my time constraints, but still it was a pretty good haul considering. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Nice Vintage cards Robert ! hope you already received your UD Masterpieces in the mail, Jeroen