Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Picking apart the design of a jersey card featuring a player from your favorite team

Good Tuesday evening to you all.  Hope that you had a great day, and you are ready for the back side of the week to start.

I know what you're thinking. Does this guy have any idea of how to be critical about cards, because he sure doesn't write that way.

Well, let me try.

I received a card from Paul over at the Baseball Card Snob  blog as part of our trade.  Yes, I haven't posted this trade yet if you're asking....figured I'd spare you guys a trade post for at least one day...lol

This card is a 2003 Fleer Tradition jersey card of Carlos Delgado.   Blue Jay...right!  How in the world am I going to pick apart the card?

Well, here are the scans.

 The back, kind of bland like all jersey card backs are.  At least it tells us that the jersey was actually game worn.  Cool beans.  Weird thing though, the Blue Jays logo, all alone on the back of the card at the bottom for no real reason.  Kind of odd, don't you think?
Don't you think that the Blue Jays logo would have blended in much better on the front of the card? 

Now hear me on this, I will always love a jersey card of any Blue Jay player....the team will be ingrained in my consciousness until the day I pass from this great planet of ours.  BUT...this card may give me bad dreams.

What in the world is up with the floating head????  That may be the creepiest idea for a jersey card yet.  The white glow around Carlos' head makes it even spookier.  Eeeeesh.

Next.  The card is titled "Milestones".  Someone help a poor old blind guy out.   Where is the milestone being celebrated noted on the card?  Does anyone see it, because I sure can't.

I am having fun picking it apart so far.

Now there are a couple of things that I do like on the card.  I like the multicolored border around the jersey swatch.  Ties right in with the uniform colors that the Jays were employing back in the early 2000's. 

I also like the background behind Carlos.  The gray and white representing a baseball diamond for me is kind of understated, and doesn't take away from the picture of Carlos or the area around the swatch. 

Don't get me wrong, I love this card.  I will go into the vault as part of my Jays collection. 

Someone for the love all things holy, just get that floating head out of my head!!

Oh, and by the way....Paul, thank you very much for the trade, it really was appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I never noticed how much Carlos Delgado looks like Kanye West. The floating head really ramps up the comparison.

  2. here's something to note, also... the fabric on the patch is white, while he is shown wearing a BLUE jersey?! don't you think they could have had a matching Jersey color to the swatch, so it looks more "really used"

  3. I'm not freaked out about floating heads at all. I think they're fun and quirky. But this one is a little spooky, just because of the look on Delgado's face and because they included his NECK! You don't include necks on floating head cards! What is wrong with Fleer?

  4. Now how do you expect me to sleep tonight???

  5. Well at least his pants are white. I just realized he has the spooky/zombie eyes, now try to sleep Brian.