Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Masterpiece Theatre

Good Wednesday evening to you all...we're over the hump and on the way to the weekend!

I had the good fortune last week of finding a collector over on the Bench website that had an offer up for some '08 UD Masterpieces SPs at a very reasonable rate.  After hemming and hawing for a couple of days, I decided to take the bite, and for $13.50, I was able to add quite a few SPs and a couple of the Captured on Canvas jersey cards to my collection.

 First, the SPs

The only SP I couldn't fit on this scan was the Albert Pujols.  Some more great art on this group of cards.  Reggie Jackson in the A's uniform leaning on the bat is great.  Steve Carlton with the early 70's Phillies uniform with the larger numbers on the back.  Joe Carter as he makes his way around the bases after his WS walk off HR.  The more I see these cards, the more I adore them.

Here's the jersey cards...this makes it 4 down and 85 to go  ...maybe

If I keep getting lucky and finding these at $2 apiece, then it may be worth it to go for the set of jerseys as well.  No big rush on this anyways.

I now have just 15 SPs remaining towards completing the set, not too bad considering I started not too long ago. Here are the 15 I need:


Still some big names in that group of cards:  Mattingly, DiMaggio, Clemente to name three.  Not sure how this came to pass, but this set kind of passed the others in the Fab Five, maybe I have been lucky in acquiring a bunch of the cards through trades/purchases so quickly.  It wasn't the intent to work on it so quickly, I guess it kind of just worked out that way.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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