Saturday, February 18, 2012

Man, I don't remember him at all: Sandy Alomar Sr.

It has been fun collecting cards from the 70's.  The 70's was a time where I was really beginning to develop my interest in the sport.  The Blue Jays were just starting their journey as a team in the American League, I was starting to play organized baseball, and baseball cards were a big part of those years as well.

The '77 set has been fun to look through so far, seeing a lot of old faces and names that I remember from that era.  Naturally, being only 10 years old at the time, there are a lot of players in there that I don't remember at all, or barely remember playing at that time.

As I continue to develop a deeper interest in the game, through cards, I'll take a look at some of these players who when I look at their card(s), I say, "Man, I don't remember him at all".

Today's card is the '77 Topps card of Sandy Alomar Sr. (Card 54)

You older guys are probably saying that you know him.  Well, I do know the name naturally, because of his two sons, Roberto and Sandy Jr., that played in the majors in the 90's and 2000's.  I didn't know until now that their father, Sandy Sr., played up until 1978. 

Sandy's career lasted 15 seasons with 6 different clubs.  Sandy was a speedy 2nd baseman, who stole 20+ bases 6 times.  Slugging was definitely not his forte, as his career slugging percentage was a mere .288.

Probably the main reason why I don't remember him is that the last 3 seasons of his career, 1976-1978, were mostly part time utility role campaigns. 

It definitely was cool to learn a little bit about the player who fathered one of my favorites from the Jays teams that won the World Series in 92 & 93, Roberto Alomar. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. He has always been that way for me as well. But who really wants to remember his final season as a Ranger, 6 hits, 1 rbi and 7 so's?

    If I recall correctly wasn't there a Bowman card in 1989 that had the three Alomar's on it? I think they did that with the Griffey's as well.

  2. Yup, I knew Sandy long before his sons were playing in the majors. I had this card at one point, too, but probably traded it to one of the many Yankee fans around me -- another reason why I knew Alomar, you couldn't live in this area as a kid and not know who all the Yankees were.