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Man, I don't remember him at all: Joe Torre

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This is the 2nd in a series of posts detailing cards from the '77 Topps set that I'm putting together, and when looking at the card, I say to myself "Man, I don't remember him at all"

Now I know what you're thinking.  This guy is off of his rocker, everyone knows who Joe Torre is.  First, you're correct, I am a few slices short of a full loaf of bread.  Second, I swear to you I don't remember Joe Torre as a ball player. 

First, let's look at his card:  1977 Topps # 425 (don't panic, this card is poorly centered)

A decent card of Joe swinging away.  Since 1977 was my first year of following baseball on a regular basis, and since I was a kid and I followed the Blue Jays during their maiden voyage in the AL, there is good reason that I wouldn't remember Joe as a player.

A quick check of shows that Torre's last game was Friday, June 17, 1977 against the Houston Astros, a game that the Astros won 7-1.  Joe's final career AB was in the 9th inning of that game, a fly out to right field as a pinch hitter.  Joe was released the next day by the Mets, and his career as a player was over.  Joe finished the '77 season hitting just .176 in 51 AB's.  (Joe was actually a player/manager that year)

Joe had a great set of career statistics as well.  Over 2300 hits, a career .297 batting average and a MVP award in 1971 while playing for the Cardinals. That MVP season saw Joe hit .363 with 230 hits and 137 RBI. 

Joe is more famous to the younger generation as a long time manager of the New York Yankees.  Joe's 12 years as manager in New York were successful to say the least, 10 division titles, 6 AL pennants and 4 World Series championships.  The 2 seasons that Joe's teams didn't finish their division first, the Yankees won 94 games in '97 and 96 games in '07. 

Sadly, I do not remember Joe as a player at all, though it appears from just the numbers that his time as a player was quite a successful one.

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  1. I don't remember Torre as a player either. I vaguely remember seeing his 1976 card, but not enough to register who he was.