Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ha! I've got my own wrapper redemption program.

Good Thursday evening to you all, we're almost to the weekend my friends!

Well, indeed I have my own little wrapper redemption program.  Being on a budget has kind of kept me from buying a boat load of 2012 Topps so far.  I did however tell Ryan from "O" No!!! Another Orioles blog that I would have some wrappers for him to get closer to the 50 mark in order to claim the redemption.

It actually worked out great, I wound up with 14 wrappers total after the weekend card show, and sent an email to Ryan telling him this.  14 was the exact number he needed, and was grateful.  Well, I got them off in the mail yesterday (you should get them in the next day or 2 Ryan, they are in a PWE.), and I got something in return from Ryan today.

A little more insanity... and all Gold (see my wrapper redemption brings me Gold cards as well )

A lone Blue Jay found his way in there as well, a Chrome 2010 Lyle Overbay card.

There was also one more card in there, and it was something I hadn't seen in an envelope from Ryan previously.  Great stuff...

Love how the orange really stands out...

Ryan, thank you for the insanity!!  It is appreciated...good luck with the redemption!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'm glad my "wrapper redemption" service was satisfactory! I'm glad you liked the business card too. (apparently I have too much time on my hands!)