Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 24 starts at the monthly card show

Good Satruday to you all, hpoe that your weekend is going well so far! 

The weather has been fantastic here in western PA for the past two days, which makes it even better to get out of the house and headed to the monthly card show in the mall.

I pretty much only visited 2 tables, so I will split the tables up into 2 posts, just to have a little more fun.

The first table I hit is my "vintage" guy, he carries both baseball and football from the 60's and 70's mostly.

Needless to say, my main task here was to put a dent into my '77 Topps set, which I succeeded to the tune of 62 cards, or almost 10% of the set.

Here are some of the highlights:

Couple of great nicknames for these guys.  Bill "Mad Dog" Madlock was a helluva hitter and a pretty damn good 3rd baseman as well.  Bill won two consecutive batting titles in '75 & '76, and wound up being a teammate on the '79 World Series winning team with Dave "the Cobra" Parker.  Parker had quite the career, racking up over 2700 hits and a .290 career average.  Dave also finished in the top 5 in MVP voting 5 times, winning the award once in 1979.  Love the nickname "the Cobra"'s another snake for you  (A Bo(w)a)

Larry also had quite a distinguished career as well, 16 total MLB seasons along with a World Series title with the Phillies in 1980.

Next up is a pitcher whose only 20 win season was in 1977

Bob Forsch recently passed away in November at the age of 61.  Bob and his brother Ken are recognized as one of the best brother pitching tandems of all time.   RIP Bob.

Have a couple more names for you.

On the right is Mike Hargrove, who was better known as "the Human Rain Delay".  Mike, you could say, took his own sweet time to get in the batters box.

On the left is Doyle Alexander, who enjoyed a 19 year major league career, which included 4 seasons with my Blue Jays.  What you may not have known about Doyle is his middle name is Lafayette, a quite original name to say the least.  It was noted often that Doyle would go out with a bunch of his teammates to bars after games, and upon entering would shout....WE ARE HERE!!

 But I digress....

This next card is of a player I had never heard of...but has an interesting tale to tell.

Larry Lintz, would be classified as a professional base runner.  Why do I say this?

Well in the '76 season, Larry scored 21 runs, and stole 31 bases.  Big deal you say?  Larry that season was credited with a grand total of   ONE at bat.  One of the most unique seasons worth of stats you will ever find.
Larry also stole 96 bases in the minors in '72, in Quebec for a team called the Carnivals.

Finally, the card I was happiest to pickup was one of the Hawk:

HOFer Andre Dawson's RC I was able to pickup at a decent price.  It is in pretty decent shape, no issues with the corners or edges, just a slight crease on the card. 

Tomorrow, I will share the rest of the show pickups, including some cheap insanity...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Ha, that's nothing. I had one at bat over TWO seasons.

    /humble brag