Tuesday, January 17, 2012

More fun with cards...1998 Upper Deck

All right gang, Tuesday evening is here and it's time to have a little bit more fun with some cards.

I dug around the older stuff, and blew the dust off of some 1998 Upper Deck cards.   Take a trip down memory lane with me...if you're old enough!

Speaking of old & having memories, do you remember these two guys together as Cardinals, because I sure don't!!

40 years of experience in these 2 pictures

Or do any of you remember this guy as a Cincinnati Red?

I may not be able to remember Pendleton as a Red, but this next guy will forever be a Red....congrats again Barry on the HOF election!!
HOF class of 2011

One more stretch of your brains, especially for the older folk.  Remember when you went to bed at night and the TV stations went off the air and showed a test pattern?  This next card reminded me of one of those old test patterns.

Thank you for watching, and good night

OK, here's one for those who have had one too many and may be seeing multiple images right now...

Or how about Heathcliff Slocumb trying to impress all the women at the game by showing his chest...

For those hot days when air conditioning  just isn't cutting it.

OK...now, here is my vote for ugliest uniform of the 90's...if you're nauseous right now you may wanna turn away.

Wonder how much these game used uniforms sold for...

I've been lucky finding play at the plate cards lately...so here's another one for Brian

looks like Powell is dead to rights

I think that there should be at least one card in each set each year of a player signing an autograph for a fan.  I have always enjoyed these cards...

We all now that Vlad the great has been a tremendous hitter over his career.   With the looks on the faces of these two pitchers, I'm pretty sure that they were the exact opposite.  Reynoso's porn stache is classic.

Julian, see the ball, bunt the ball

Sometimes, when you run out of topics to write about like I have....it's easier just to look at a bunch of cards and have some fun with them. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. That Valenzuela card is one of my favorites. He must've not been a Cardinal for very long, because the picture on the back still has him in a Padres uniform.