Thursday, December 29, 2011

2009 OPC blaster box 7...packs 135-149

It's funny that I mentioned this morning a certain chain of stores (Wal Mart) sending me a get well card because I hadn't spent money on cards there in a couple of weeks, and lo and behold I end up there today to buy some other items and voila!  The only thing that catches my eye in the sports card section is a discounted blaster of 2009 OPC. 

This time, instead of typing every pack out and boring you to absolute tears, I'll just give you the highlights of the blaster. 

First, the inserts:

AR2.  Joey Votto (all rookie team)
1313. Johnny Bench (retrospectives)
1318. Yogi Berra (retrospectives)
WK2.  Ryan Zimmerman (Walk off winners)
AW4. David Wright (The Award Show)
NY24. Brian Schneider (NY, NY)
FF7. Albert Pujols (Face of the Franchise)

Black Bordered parallels, scan #1

1. Melvin Mora
104. Seth Smith
122. Orlando Hudson
141. Clayton Kershaw
175. Cole Hamels
213. Luis Vizcaino
259. Joe Blanton
267. Brandon Moss
302. Frank Francisco

Black Bordered parallels #2:

399. Francisco Cordero
477. Lastings Milledge
488. Armando Galarraga
532. NL Batting Leaders
553. Youkilis/Ortiz
561. Travis Snider
14. Jason Giambi Mini

The inserts and the black bordered parallels are all for trade (except for the Snider, which goes into my Jays collection).

Now for the base set cards, I fared better with this box, pulling 24 more cards towards the set.  My completion rate now stands at 71.5% (429/600).  I'm hoping that the hobby box that the Mrs. gave me as a Christmas present can get me close to the 500 card mark, and then I can start working some trades and/or purchases in order to complete the set. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I must have bought a blaster of this stuff in 2009, because as I was going through a box here in GA I found a bunch of cards from the set. I'm bringing them back to Cali, and we can sort this out then!

  2. i like the johnnie bench card. checked your want list..dont think i can help you there.
    have you seen anything on my blog that you wanna trade for ?

  3. Ack! It's the black border Orlando Hudson card! It's the only OPC black border Dodger that I need! Save it for me please!

  4. I'm interested in the black-bordered Kershaw (and Hamels), if you wouldn't mind setting 'em aside for me.