Saturday, November 26, 2011

Week 18 starts with contest winnings from Play at the Plate.

Good Saturday morning to you all.  As promised from last night's post, here is the other half of the envelope I received yesterday from Brian at the Play at the Plate

First off we have some Jays cards:

A whole lot of fun here, including a couple of numbered cards.  The middle row contains an '02 Donruss Carlos Delgado, numbered 10/100, and next to that card is a Purple refractor of Kyle Drabek, numbered 195/499.  Both are headed straight for the insanity set. 

Another card that I enjoyed receiving is the '99 UD Roy Halladay in the lower right corner.  It's a card that I hadn't seen before, and fits very well into the Jays collection.  Roy looks very serious on the card though, I wonder why.

The Lind on the top row is a refractor as well, and a lot of great cards such as the Lind have come my way recently. 

Now on to a little insanity:

I will say this as well, a lot of Topps Finest has come my way recently, and they are very sharp looking cards.  The scans don't do the cards justice, as they stand out even more when you are holding them. 

The insanity set is starting to come together really nicely, I have almost 200 cards towards the set already.  I've been able to get quite a few of the lower numbered cards, and some of the "round numbers', such as 500 & 1500 have found their way into the set already as well. 

thank you again Brian, the cards and contests are always appreciated on this end!

thanks for reading, Robert

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