Friday, November 25, 2011

Packs Across America: Dallas, TX

Good Friday evening to you all, if you had today off, you're luckier than I am!!  It doesn't matter, the weekend is upon us already, and I'm ready for some posts, some cards, and lots of reading and sorting.

It's been a while since I've done a Packs Across America post, frankly because I haven't done any traveling in the States over the past couple of months.

Well, today in the mail I received my contest winnings from Brian at Play at the Plate,  I also found 3 packs of cards!  A little bit of the new, and a little bit of the past.  It was even better because I resisted buying anything from aisle 21 at Wal-Mart today.  So without further adieu, I present 3 Packs Across America.

City/state: Dallas, TX
     Location:  Unknown
     Packs:  1 pack of 1991 Upper Deck BB, 1 pack of 1992 Topps Stadium Club, 1 pack of 2011 Topps Update.

Pack 1:  1991 Upper Deck BB.  Man, I can remember ripping a TON of these packs in the summer of '91.

78.  Dodgers Checklist  (Ramon Martinez)
153. Terry Steinbach
161. Stan Belinda
255. Tony Gwynn (any HOF card is a good card)

306. Chris Hoiles
408. Darren Daulton
514. Chuck Carr
690. Jim Gott (one time Blue Jay)
711. Junior Felix (Ditto)
729. Mickey Tettleton
754. Tony Fernandez
765. Joe Carter

Kind of wild that two players who were involved in one of the biggest trades in Jays history (in terms of importance anyhow), get pulled in the same pack.

766. Pete Schourek
771. Dana Allison  (fun fact:  his card back says "Scouts consider Dana A left-handed Dennis Eckersley in both control and poise"...his control and poise got him a career total of 11 games, with a 7.39 ERA and a 1.909 WHIP.   Imagine where the A's would have been if Eck had those stats)
789. Barry Jones
Hologram:  KC Royals

amazing what you can find in a 20 year old pack!

Pack 2:  1992 Topps Stadium Club

13. Glenn Braggs
70. Robin Ventura (best of luck to him on the South Side this year)
75. Stan Belinda (got him in both the oldie packs....)
79. Bobby Rose
103. Luis Alicea
117. B.J. Surhoff
130. Benny Santiago
136. John Burkett
205. Herm Winningham
240. Juan Gonzalez
248. Walt Weiss
249. Mackey Sasser
258. Bob Tewksbury
275. Greg Harris
282. Lonnie Smith   (VERY IRONIC that I got this card from "Play at the Plate")

Brian Harper gettin' crushed

Pack 3:  '11 Topps Update 8 card pack.

Diamond Anniversary Code Card:   Turned this into a 1975 Ed Brinkman card (Tigers)
KC 129.  George Sisler
35. Eduardo Nunez
143. Craig Kimbrel
164. Hector Noesi
227.  Kosuke Fukudome
255.  Allen Craig
324.  Melvin Mora

the fact that I could find something interesting enough to type out all this gets these 3 packs a grade of  'A'!!

Tomorrow, the other half of the prize package I received....btw, thank you Brian, you sent a great group of packs/cards my way, it really is appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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