Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jays, A's and a little insanity

Good Thanksgiving morning to you all, hope that you are enjoying your day off!!

I am definitely thankful for a lot of things right now.  I have a loving wife who supports me in everything I do, I have a good job in this somewhat dreadful economy, and I have a great hobby that I enjoy very much.  My love for card collecting has grown over the past 4 months while writing this blog, largely due to the relationships I've built with a lot of fellow bloggers out there.

One of those bloggers is Michael over at Nomo's Sushi Platter.  I received my end of our 2nd trade yesterday in the mail, and what a great envelope it was to open!!

Like I mentioned in the title, there are Jays:

Some sparkly, some liquor, a mini Ricky Ro, and an orange J.P. 

Great stuff here to add to the Jays collection.

Next up, some A's:

Dual purpose A's no less, as they fit right in with the insanity set!

Finally, more serial numbered goodness for my crazy set.

What I've loved about the reception to this set idea of mine is the generosity of bloggers.  I've received cards from all over the blogosphere, and guys are actually sending me cards of their favorite teams players as well.  This is no different here, as a couple more Dodgers came my way from the Platter.  By the way, one of the funniest things I've seen on a baseball card is featured on the Jayson Werth card in the upper right corner.  Check out the belt.  Has his name on it!!??  Is that like labeling your underwear when you went to summer camp as a kid?   Hilarious stuff...

thanks again for the trade Michael, it is much appreciated on this end.

thanks for reading, Robert

words in this post, 298.  total for the month, 13005.

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