Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Features on other blogs that I could never think of imitating.

Good Tuesday evening to you all, hope that you've survived the toughest portion of the week.  As many of you know, I try to stay active in other blogs.  Some of my posts do border on the verge of stealing other bloggers ideas. 

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...no?

Well, during my evening drive home from work today, there were several thoughts about truly unique ideas that I could never get away with stealing.  Take a gander.....

There are practical reasons I could not get away with copying these ideas: 

1. Airbrushed Fridays by Kerry at the Cards on Cards blog:

What's great about it?  A weekly series about cards that were absolutely butchered by Topps, fantastic!
Why I couldn't copy it:   I don't have the trained eye, or the card collection that Kerry has...simple enough.

2.  JayBee Anama's Sports Card Blogroll

What's great about it?  How can a blogger not like a one stop shop for finding pretty much any type of blog you're looking for.
Why I couldn't copy it:  I don't have the patience or the tenacity to keep up with each and every blog out there, an arduous task to say the least.

3.  The Hot Dog Tournament Championship on the Adventures of Napkin Doon:

What's great about it?  Baseball and hot dogs are part of America, so a perfect marriage was born.
Why I couldn't copy it:  There is only one hot dog vendor where I live, and the thought of driving 40 miles for multiple hot dog vendors....well let's just say....no

4.  You complete me by Dennis on Too Many Grandersons

What's great about it?  Although not a regular series, this was a group of posts that I really enjoyed because Dennis took a great line from a great sports movie and used it effectively.
Why I couldn't copy it:  Two reasons, one it would be blatant stealing, and second, I really need to complete a set before I could use it.

There are humorous reasons I could not get away with copying these ideas:  (well, at least to me they're humorous)

1.  Delivery Time by Chris at Nachos Grande

What's great about it?  Chris turns each trade into a work of art, highlighting his favorite cards, and making the other person look great.
Why I couldn't copy it:  Two reasons, I) I don't trade near as much as Chris, II) I work for a delivery company, and using the word delivery each time I published a trade post would mean more work...which is a 4 letter word.

2.  Sketch Posts by dayf at Cardboard Junkie

What's great about it?  Dayf's great sense of humor and artistic talent come out in each of these posts.  Although I am new to reading his blog, the love he has for his ponies is almost mythical.
Why I couldn't copy it:  I couldn't draw a stick figure if my #@%$# life depended on it.

3.  Movember by Eric at Manupatches & Mustaches

What's great about it?  A great idea for a "franken-set" and promoting a great cause, fighting cancer.
Why I couldn't copy it:  I have a goatee.

4.  Awesome Night Cards by Greg at the Night Owl

What's great about it?  129 night cards and counting shows a love and dedication for these cards that few other collectors will ever possess.
Why I can't copy it:  Since I do the majority of my posts at night, posting about night cards at night is like using a double negative, which in turn would simply just cancel out my post (which I bet most of you are hoping would have happened by now.....lol)

I hope you enjoyed my look at other bloggers and their regular features, hopefully you haven't fallen asleep by now.

By the way, I have to show at least one card right?!  So I figure I'll show you #1, and leave it at that...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I'd definitely make a hefty donation to Movember for you to trim off those chin hairs.