Monday, November 7, 2011

Conflicted Dodger fans trade post

Good Monday to you all, hope that your week is starting out OK.  I spent mine in the hospital having a minor procedure done, so if some of this post becomes a little, shall we say, unreadable, please forgive me in advance.

It was very ironic that I received in the mail today a couple of envelopes a trading goodness from a couple of Dodger fans named Greg.  But wait, I said they were conflicted.   That's right, check out the stuff they sent me, and you'll see why they were conflicted, at least from where I sit. 

First off, we'll start with West Coast Greg, who runs Plaschke, thy sweater is argyle.  This is already the third trade that Greg and I have completed, and I feel that we will complete many more.  Greg is one of the few bloggers that I know that collects both baseball and hockey, so that gives the 2 of us a broader spectrum in which to trade.  This trade focused around this post, where Greg posted a card he had picked up recently and asked right on the blog if I would be interested.  Well sure enough I was, and this began the start of a good trade for the both of us.   I received some great stuff, as I always do from fellow bloggers. 

both a Jay and a Dodger

Shawn Green spent several years in both the Jays and the Dodgers organizations, so it kind of made sense that Greg had some Jays cards featuring the slugger.  I always rued the day that the Jays gave up on Green, he had way too much talent to just let go.  I personally like the card in the upper right, the Studio card that resembles a credit card.  Great stuff here.

Greg is also well aware of my serial insanity blog, and sent me some Dodgers to help the cause.  Some great stuff here, I can almost imagine Greg having trouble sending Dodgers in the wrong

The James Loney card in the lower left is by far my favorite card here, the scan doesn't do the blue background justice.  It is also serial numbered 56/299, which fits in perfect.  The card also makes me want a set of Topps Finest, but that's down the road yet, not until I hit the magic number of 15 completed sets.

Finally, the two key components in the trade.  First, on the left is a Dion Phaneuf RC.  Yes, I know he's not in a Maple Leaf uniform on the card, but this kid is the heart and soul of the franchise right now, and was a great choice for captain.  When Greg posted the opportunity for me to have the card, I jumped at the chance. 
On the right is another card I really like, it is a '85 Topps Jimmy Key RC.  I always liked Jimmy because he was an actual pitcher, knew how to locate his fastball and change up, always keeping batters off balance.  I hated seeing him pitch for the Yankees and Orioles, because I knew that it would be a tough night for my Jays.  Great card none the less.

Great stuff here Greg, thank you very much!!

Now, on to part 2 of the trade post, this features east coast Greg, who runs the Night Owl blog (as if you all needed me to tell you that).  Greg and I completed our first trade a couple of months ago, whereby I sent him an Andre Ethier relic card from A&G and some other Dodger cards, and in return he took a "machete" to my 2006 Topps want list (If I remember correctly it was 100 plus cards he sent).  In the meantime, I've sent a couple of envelopes his way, hitting some of his want lists along with sending him some older Dodger cards along with some '72 Topps, a set he is currently trying to complete (if you've got any, I'm sure he'd be glad to know!!)

There was quite the variety in this trade package that Greg sent me, so let's get down to business:

First, there are the requisite Blue Jays...

A nice mix of old and new Blue Jays came my way, including one of my favorites, George Bell. 

Next up, some 77 Topps cards, 3 Dodgers no less!!  All of them in great condition to boot.  Greg, I hope that these are dupes for you, but nonetheless they will be very welcome into my collection!!

Great looking cards from the 77 set

More Dodgers came my way, these reflected the insanity set portion of the envelope:

Two more to go with the insanity set...

I really appreciate them both, but the Campanella is a great card, I especially love the black and white photo.

Finally we have....

wait for it.....


(God I hope he doesn't have that term copyrighted)

Three of the Jays greats

This is one thing that I absolutely love about trading with bloggers.  It's the uniqueness of a lot of stuff I get in return.  Ricky Romero is currently the 2nd best player on the Jays roster right now (only Bautista ahead of him in my opinion). 

The middle picture is a 1983 Topps sticker of Dave Stieb, who arguably had one of the nastiest sliders (and disposition, at times) that a pitcher ever threw.  Dave will, and for a long time always be the best pitcher that the Jays organization has ever had.  Yes, they've had Clemens and Cone and a few others who had longer careers and better stats, but Dave was in Toronto the longest, and shared a lot of good and bad times with the fans, and # 37 is a number that in my opinion should be retired in Toronto. 

Finally, we have Lloyd "Shaker" Moseby, the center fielder in what was arguably the best outfield in baseball in the mid 1980's.  Lloyd never had great stats, but was fast and great defensively, and had a good career that lasted 10 seasons in Toronto, along with a couple of more at the end in Detroit.  The sticker featured here is a 1982 Topps # 246.  Great stuff all around, thank you very much Greg!!!

These cards from fellow bloggers turned what was a miserable day and a half for me into a great afternoon, and a trade post that I had fun writing.

Thank you both gentlemen!!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Hey now, I do baseball and hockey, though we appear to be after the same teams. :)

  2. Key is one of my favorite Jays pitchers too. He actually has a card in 1984 Topps Traded as well. I'm not positive on which they consider his true rookie card though.

  3. The only correct answer is to get them both! :)

    I like the Hudson as well. He was fun to have around and annoyed JP.

  4. 1967ers, are you going to be at the show this weekend in Mississauga?

  5. I feel like I need to talk Canadian on this post.

    Yes, those were Dodger dupes. And, yes, I did scan the Dodgers "West Coast Greg" sent you to see if I need any of them. Fortunately (phew!), I have them.

    Enjoy the cards/stickers!

  6. Hope you're feeling better, and thanks for the trade! Glad I could add some fun cards to your collection!

    And I like "West Coast Greg"....makes me sound positively badass.

  7. At least I don't add the u to words like color and favor. In that sense, I do speak American.

    I also liked the West and East coast Greg references, I thought they would be fun.

  8. I'll likely be there for a couple hours on Friday afternoon, just as the doors open. There's one vintage dealer I like to hit right away and then I do my walkabout.