Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 13 begins with a post on magically appearing cards

It's the weekend!  Good Saturday morning to you all.  Week 12 ended quietly, no pack purchases at all since the 2 update packs last weekend.  Earlier this week however, I received two envelopes.   The first was from Sam at The Daily Dimwit , who kindly offered me a chance to knock down my Topps Lineage wantlist.  Sam sent me about 70 cards towards the set, which now leaves me needing only 23 cards.   They can be found on my baseball want list.   Thank you Sam very much, they are very appreciated!!

I also received an email out of the blue on Wednesday from Darren over at Potch Wheeler and the Cardboard Heroes.  I had left a comment on a post he made a couple of weeks back regarding duplicates he had for the 77 Topps set, and had asked him to contact me when he had finished with others who had requested cards from that set as well (I believe Night Owl was one of the others...).  Darren's email stated that I should be receiving an envelope any day with some cards that I would enjoy.

That evening I get home from work, and magically the cards have arrived!  What a great bounty as well.  Let's start with some Jays to add to the collection.

Top row, 1990 topps David Wells, 1985 OPC Buck Martinez (I went from having no OPC baseball in my collection to 2 in less than a week), and 1990 Topps All Star Fred McGriff (led the AL in HR's in 1989 with 36).

Middle row, George Bell and Duane Ward from 1989 Donruss.  I must say do like the different colored borders of that set, especially the green and purple of Ward's card.

Finally on the bottom we have the "mistake by the lake" as we called it in Toronto.  Old Exhibition Stadium, which was not the greatest place to watch a ball game, especially in April when the cold winds howled in off of Lake Ontario.  But, you could get bleacher seats for $2 back then, so there was the good with the bad.  What is also interesting about this card is that on the back there were stickers, but of the Giants and the Royals?  What gives here, why not put stickers of the Jays and maybe, the Expos? 

What I enjoyed the most in the envelope is the 77 Topps cards that were in there.  Some great stuff, and not all commons either!!

First, the broadcasters section:

Next, some other great cards that came my way:

I was especially glad to see the Yaz card, that is a listed card in the magazine, and having it arrive at my doorstep was an unexpected pleasure to say the least.  It was also cool to see the other cards, I enjoyed the Griffey Sr. card as well as the two Dodger cards.  In total, 48 great 77 Topps cards came my way, thank you very much Darren!

Finally, a quick discussion on some sets that I would like to have magically disappear off of my want list.  I have 7 sets that are close to completion, and I'd love to get them off of my want list for good:

2011 Topps Series 2 :  Need 1
2010 Topps Series 2:   Need 7
2011 A&G:                    Need 8

2011 Lineage:              Need 23
2010 Topps Series 1:   Need 11
2010 Topps Update:    Need 35
2006 Topps Series 1:   Need 31

It will be nice to get these out of the way so that I can focus on completing some older sets that I never did get around to working on back in the day.  .

My birthday is next Thursday, so I think I'm going to treat myself to some packs to rip open today...maybe a visit to the LCS is in order.  

I'll keep you posted.   Thanks for reading, Robert (20 days)

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