Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Random thoughts for a Thursday

Some minor musings on the worlds of sports, and sports cards:

  • All I gotta say is I'm very excited that the NHL season is starting tonight.  I've been waiting since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup for the season to start up again.  My Maple Leafs (yes, I can say they are mine) start off tonight against the hated Montreal Canadiens, to wit.....
  • I mentioned a couple of weeks back about 6 dates to keep in mind this year.  These are the nights that the Leafs play the Canadiens, and to make those games even more interesting I made a side bet with Brian at the Waxaholic blog.  I bet him a blaster that my Leafs would win the season series.  Brian accepted the bet by stating "I'll go select my blaster now".  Hopefully his tears will not damage any of his cards when he loses the bet.  Speaking of tears...
  • I can only imagine the pain that the Colts Eric Foster suffered when he had that gruesome ankle injury earlier this week.  I have a co-worker who believes that this guy may never play again.  That video reminded me of the injuries to Joe Theismann and Tim Krumrie back in the 80's.
  • I'm sure that MLB is loving the fact that 3 of the Division Series are going 5 games...more money for the clubs, and more money for the TV networks in advertising revenue.  I wonder what they're going to do next year when they add in a 5th team in each league for the playoffs.  How much earlier are they going to have to start the season in order to fit in the extra team?  Maybe the last week of spring training games should be the first week of the regular season next year.
  • Song for the week is Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones

As always...thank you for reading...Robert  (36 days)

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