Sunday, October 9, 2011

Part 2 of the card show visit from Saturday

Good Sunday morning to you all, hope that your weekend is great so far.  Part 2 of the card show visit from Saturday starts at the next table I visited.  The dealer had a lot of signs that said "going out of business", which for me is a little difficult to understand because you would think that paying for a table or 2 at a card show would eat into your potential windfall of selling off your card collection.  No matter, I walked up to his table and didn't see any cards in his display that I really wanted, however I looked off to the right and he had some packs that I hadn't seen in years....

2000-01 Topps Heritage Hockey!  I loved this set when it first came out, but I was only able to buy a couple of packs at the time.  Back then they were $3 a pack for 8 cards, but he had them on his table for $1.50 a pack, so I grabbed 7 packs.  He gave me the hard sell, asking me to buy the rest of the packs, and he would even sell them to me for $1.25 apiece.  I passed, wanting to stay within my show budget, and moved on.   Later on when I got home and opened the packs, did my fears about them dissipate.   Here's a scan of one pack that I found to be really interesting...

Goalies galore

Not too often you open a pack like this one.  All 5 regular base cards were goalies!  I also pulled an Amonte insert, and a couple of subset cards of Shanahan and Yzerman as well. 

I also pulled a couple of Chromes from the packs numbered to 555

Chrome beauties

Some of you out there may not remember Tommy Salo, but here's a video of a goal in the '02 Olympics that started what may have been the downfall of his career.

Then, in the last pack, I pulled the best card I've pulled in quite a long time.


That's right friends!  That's an on card auto of Hall of Fame goalie Lorne "Gump" Worsley.  Needless to say I was thrilled to pull this card.  What was even better is that the auto was still in good shape even though the packs are 10+ years old. 

Now, on to the story I promised you about the family.  I moved to the first table I saw in the show, and wanted to buy a couple of packs of top loaders and rummage through the quarter and dollar boxes.  Well, when I got back there there was a family, a mother with 3 boys.   I'm going to say the boys were approximately 13, 10 & 3.  The young one was riding in a cart,  very well behaved having his fun.  The older two were obviously very excited to be at the show, and were rummaging through the boxes, looking for stuff to buy.  Well, the mother was as impatient as they come.  This woman was SCREAMING at her kids, "stay here" , "hurry up", "come on!!"  It was unbelievable.  Needless to say, I moved on, because there's nothing worse than someone screaming at their kids when you're five feet away from them. 

The person I felt sorry for the most?  Why the dealer of course, because it was like there was a wall of 20 feet around his tables where nobody would come near while the woman was there.  I know the poor guy lost my sale for sure, and goodness knows how many others he lost as well.  I did manage to grab one of his business cards though,  and found that he has a card store not too far from the other one that I frequent.  I'm gonna take the time in a few weeks to make a trip out there and take a look at what he has. 

Tomorrow will be part 3 of my Saturday, and it will feature the blaster that I purchased after the show, and the quality control problems that were discovered when it was opened. 

As always, thanks for reading, Robert


  1. When it comes to cardboard... you can't much better than pulling an on-card autograph of a HOF from a pack. Nice pull.

  2. freakin' hell!!! Nice find! I am truly jealous.

  3. Just checking out your blog. Are you interested in any Blue Jay card not listed in the LTP Blue Jays list. Couldn't find an email address on the site.

  4. Thanks to all, the only way it could have been sweeter is if he was a Maple Leaf.
    Mark, I responded to you via email, let me know if we can work something out.