Monday, October 3, 2011

Major blogger generosity hits my doorstep on the weekend

Good Monday to all of you, hope that you had a fantastic weekend!!  My weekend started Saturday with an unexpected, but very welcome surprise in my mailbox.  Ted from the Crinkly Wrappers blog sent me a box full of hobby goodness that I felt compelled to share with you all.  Not only did Ted put a major dent into my 2011 A&G, Heritage, Topps base set and 2010 Topps base set want lists, he sent me a pile of Blue Jays cards.  Ted is a fellow Blue bird devotee, and the 2nd half of the box was incredible, at least from where I sit.

First, I have to mention that my 2011 Topps want list for series 2 is down to 2 cards (523 & 573 are all that's left )...2011 Allen & Ginter is down to 23 cards, and 2010 Topps is down to 18 cards (11 series 1 and 7 series 2).  Thank you to Ted for knocking those sets down quite a bit!!

Now on to the LTP Blue Jays, which at the end of last week climbed over 700 unique cards.  We're well on the way to 750 now after all the great stuff that Ted's a look.

Multi colored Jays
Four different colored Jays here:  Gold Parallel Bautista, Turkey Red Aaron Hill, Purple parallel Vernon Wells and Orange parallel of Aaron Hill.

Left handed power bats

I'm hoping that both Travis Snider and Adam Lind are left handed bats that rock the dome for many years to come.

Ricky Ro and some chromes

Speaking of lefties, he also sent me some Ricky Romero cards.  Ricky has already proven himself to be the ace of this staff, his win totals have gone from 13 to 14 to 15 over his three year career, and he was chosen an all-star for the first time this year.

Finally, Ted decided to flip me the bird:


A totally unexpected package of blogger generosity.  Ted, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!  Be sure to check out Ted's blog,

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  1. You are very welcome! Glad they made the trip safely and that they are in good hands. Just trying to help out a fellow Jays collector, there aren't many of us you know!