Friday, October 28, 2011

Group breaks and rhyming team names

Happy Friday to you all, hope that you are ready for your weekend!  I am taking the time out now to write about an interesting phenomena that I discovered shortly after starting this blog.

If you have paid any attention at all to my blog over the past 13 weeks, you'll know that I am a big Blue Jays fan.  Part of the reason I enjoy collecting Jays cards is because of their decade of excellence between 1983-1993. 

Never had I experienced the "group break"  until I started blogging.  I found it fascinating that for a small amount of $, you can claim your team (or teams), and get cards from sets that you hadn't collected in the past to add to your collection.

DAMN, what a great idea!!!

Sam over at the Double D blog (yes, I have an affinity for DDs) recently conducted a group break for the blogosphere; two boxes of '11 Lineage and two boxes of '11 Topps Chrome.  Since there were cards out of both sets that I did not have yet I decided to get in.

I paid my money, and read the details on how the break was going to go.  The first 15 people claimed their spots, and the remaining teams that were not claimed were randomed off based on the order that you entered the break.  I entered 14th, so I got the 14th team that came out of the randomizer, which in this case was the Oakland A's.  This actually made me laugh, because it seems to be a common thing for me to get A's in group breaks.  I'm beginning to wonder if it's because their colors (green, gold and white) were also my high school colors.  Anyhow, it's all about the cards right?  That's why you here are some of the highlights.

Gio Gonzalez was the first card in the envelope, and that kind of threw me for a minute because there was no return address.  As I looked through the remainder of the cards, and saw more Lineage and Chrome Blue Jays, I put 2 and 2 together and realized that these were the group break cards.  Sadly, I'm now developing a soft spot for the A's; it's too bad that the team is kind of in the dumps now or it might be worth looking at collecting a few of their cards going forward. 

Heaven forbid I should start another collection now, what with the plethora of sets and team collections I already have going in both baseball and hockey.  Although Jays and A's would make an interesting combination on posts and pages.....nah, I will pass for now.   Thank you for the group break Sam, much appreciated.

Thanks for reading, Robert  (14 days)

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