Thursday, October 13, 2011

The 5 aspects of blogging that I enjoy, part 3

Good Thursday to you all, we're getting closer to Friday by the minute.  Here we go with part 3 of what I enjoy about blogging, and this goes part in parcel with why we're all's the cards.  

I've said it before, and I'll say it again now, there are a lot of great blogs out there.  Guys & gals writing about their passion for card collecting.  What I've discovered, especially with those who are bloggers, is the love for the basics.  A "big hit" in the blogosphere means something totally different than what it does on eBay or at a card show. 

It can be a great find of the last card or two to complete an older set.  It can be the oddball find of a card of your favorite player from a bag of Twizzlers, or out of a fire department issued team set from 30 years ago.  It's not all about the jersey cards, or the autos; with bloggers, cards have more meaning. 

My specific example here is the 1977 Topps set that I have started to build over the past couple of weeks.   There are no relics, inserts, or fancy shiny cards involved.  Just great cards that bring back old memories of me going to the variety store on the Danforth in Toronto in the late 70's to pickup a couple of packs of cards with my allowance.  Pulling cards of guys like Freddie Patek, one of the shortest players ever to play in the majors.

This guy makes me look tall, and I'm only 5'9".

Freddie was 5'4" tall, but a heckuva shortstop, and something different as far as the game goes.  In the 70's, shortstop was a truly different position as far as offense went.  Back then, the position was all glove, and any hitting was considered a bonus.  Freddie never hit higher than .267 in a season, his best OPS was .693, and yet he was a three time All Star, and finished 6th in MVP voting one year.  His assets were his glove, and his speed, he stole 30+ bases for 8 straight years.

Cards like this bring back the passion in me for collecting.

I see it everyday in posts.  The passion, the enjoyment, the fun.  The great trades that bloggers make, and those on the other end that enjoy the cards they received.  The way that people send cards to others that they've traded with out of the blue, for no reason at all but to give someone else a little enjoyment. 

For those of you out there who read my blog, or who have blogs of their own, we are part of a unique group.  A group of people that share a love for their childhood memories, and yet still enjoy making memories for others, as well as themselves.  All of this, because of a little rectangular piece of cardboard with a picture on it.

Part 4 tomorrow...

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Well said!

    (and featuring a Royals card, too)

  2. Here's to vertically challenged people and cards.

  3. Robert: I've really been enjoying your mini-series here. Well done!

  4. Definitely agree with you about the love for the basics on the blogs. That's more in line with my collecting interests and I think that's why I enjoy interacting with you guys more as opposed to the forums where I find too often it's all about the huge hits and investing in the next great prospect.

    Great series by the way! Just catching up on it.