Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 6 comes to a close, and I learn a lesson about Sportlots auctions

Happy Friday evening to all, hope that you got through the week OK.  Just a quick note to all those in the east who may have been affected by the flooding along the Susquehanna river, you have my prayers for your safety and a speedy return to your homes. 

Now, on to the fun stuff.  As far as cards go this week, I bought a handful of packs at my LCS the other day, you will see them featured in one of my packs across America posts coming in the next week.  In addition, I learned something today about Sportlots...their auctions are not much different than eBay, meaning buyer beware.  I bought an auction about 3 weeks ago, and received the card below in the mail today.

The card you see here is a 07-08 The Cup Joe Sakic base card.  Sakic has impressed me as a player since his career started in Quebec back in the late 80's, so he is my lone PC. 

I drone on about this because of what you see in the scan in the top left corner..nice ding!!  You look at the photo on the auction, the card looks as pristine as can be.  The auction did list the card as NR-MT, but the photo was a big misrepresentation.  I will be keeping the card, because I still did get a decent deal on it, and it is limited to only 249 copies. 

I had also never seen or touched a "The Cup" set card, and was shocked when I received this how thick the card was.  This card is thicker than a lot of the jersey cards I have pulled over the years, and this is just a base card!

I have done pretty good over the past couple of weeks keeping within the $30 a week budget, but I still am debating whether I should give myself a raise.  I am also planning to hit a major card show in Mississauga, Ontario in November, so I have to decide on a budget for that show as well (that budget will be separate).  More info on the November show to come over the next few weeks. 

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great weekend...Robert

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