Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting September off right, a trade post for the captain

Good evening all, it's Thursday, only one day left until the long Labor day weekend!! I figured I would start September off with another trade post, this one being from the captain....captain canuck that is from the Waxaholic blog.  I sent him some cards from the 2003 Heritage baseball set, and in return he hit a couple of my want lists.  I received a handful of cards from the '11 A&G set, and a stack of Upper Deck Football from 2008, including 17 of the Star Rookie cards. 

I thought I would have a little fun with them and be a smart ass at the same time, here's a scan of 4 of the cards..

What's Mike saying here really??

In the upper left hand corner is Joseph "live and let" Addai (yep, that's the only reason I posted the card, one of my favorite Bermanisms).  The next two cards have write ups on the back that I thought I'd have a little fun with.  Lower left, Jared Allen, credits his AFC Defensive Player of the Month award for October 2007 to his mullet hairstyle.  Really?  I guess Jared thinks he's Samson and gets all of his football playing ability from his hair.  Upper right corner is Charles Grant of the New Orleans Saints.  Card #117 writes "The Saints have a terrific pair of pass rushers in Will Smith and Grant..."  Did I miss something, or did the Fresh Prince of Bel Air stop making movies for a year or 2 to try his hand at the NFL.....(I guess that makes Charles DJ Jazzy Jeff). 

However, the card I had to scan was Michael Strahan's, which is on the lower right of the scan.  I'm still laughing at the card, which features one of the goofiest grins I've ever seen on any sports card.  Anyone out there got a caption for the Strahan card?  Make it as crazy as you want....maybe something like

"I bet this hat will get me a job on Fox with all the old guys", or something else that defines his career(s).  Hope to hear the comments soon.

Finally, just a big thank you to Captain Canuck for the great trade, and yes I as well hope that it is the start of many trades in the future sir!!

Thanks for reading, Robert...