Thursday, September 1, 2011

Robert's random thoughts for a Thursday

Just some random musings for a warm and sunny Thursday here in western PA:

  • My heart sank a little bit last weekend when I discovered two 5-row monster boxes at the bottom of my card closet.  With the ten 3 & 4 row monsters I already have to go through and sort/collate/catalog, I saw these and hung my head.  Note to others out there...don't collect for decades and not sort or properly keep track of what you have like I did.  Now that I'm back on the full time collecting and trading trail, I've got no choice going forward but to keep track of what I have.  (if I'm lucky, I'll be completed by the start of 2012)
  • I heard the other day that Jamie Moyer is recovering well from Tommy John surgery and plans to play in 2012, at the age of 49!  Friends, that's 5 years older than I am, and I don't know whether to applaud this or yell at the man to retire and join the AARP.
  • I still marvel every time I watch Ichiro play baseball.  If I were a member of the BBWAA, I would vote him into the HOF when he became eligible.  Why you ask?  First 10 seasons....1 MVP, 10 Gold Gloves, 10 All Star selections, .300 or better average 10 times, .350 or better average 4 times, 10 seasons with 200+ hits, 6 times led the league in hits.  This next stat amazes me....has led the league in Intentional Walks 3 times...9 of the 10 seasons he played in 157 or more games (the only season he didn't he had 146).  Now I know that this season hasn't been the greatest statistically for him, but if he can get 46 more hits between now and the end of the season, he'll have his 11th 200 hit season.  The detractors will say things like...doesn't have the post season resume that others have, doesn't have all the "sexy" power numbers like a lot of others have.  
  • I need to start carrying pens and paper with me more...I get good ideas for blog posts, especially on my way to work, but yet most of the time I can't write them down, because I have nothing to write on.  (One hour commute each way leaves a lot of time for thinking)

  •   I had this song stuck in my head for 3 days this week...hadn't heard it years, and forgotten how much I enjoyed it.  (Anyone out there know what "brewer's droop" is?)


  1. Don't be frustrated by the big amount of cards...take your time! It's supposed to be fun, not work. If it really is too overwhelming, I'm sure there are many bloggers happy to take them off your hands. :-)

  2. My guess for "brewer's droop" was always that it was English for "beer belly." I just looked it up and it turns out it's impotence from drinking too much.

    Now you know.