Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Patience is indeed a virtue

Hello all, the midweek is upon us, and I'm still catching up with all the trades I received on Monday in the mail.  All the cards I've received so far have been great (they always are), but when it comes down to it, this envelope that I'm gonna go over was the best of the bunch, from the Troll.  Needless to say that the wait I had while Marck tended to his ailing wife was well worth it (Marck, I'm very glad she's doing better).  Marck sent me some great stuff from my want lists, and a couple of packs that will be featured in my "Packs Across America" posts that I'll be doing later this week.

First, the A&G want list items:

The oddball portion of the set

A dancer, a faker and a baker (well chef, but chef doesn't rhyme) on the top row.  I couldn't honestly tell you who the two on the bottom row are.

The Nachos Grande portion of the deal

I saw these four cards back to back to back to back and thought that the package might have been sent to the wrong portion of Pennsylvania.
Finally, you get some stuff,'s really hard to put into I'll let the picture do the talking.

Free beer, scantily clad women...I'm in!!

There were several over sized postcard type flyers in the envelope, along with a program.  What would have been really cool (yes, I'm being greedy is if the program had been auto'd by one or two of the girls on the back.  Now that would have been a keepsake for sure!!  Still some very unique and fun items to receive in the mail!  By the way, if anyone comes across a Joe Maddon relic from A&G, Marck is wishing to add one to his collection, please send him an email or a comment on one of his posts.

Thanks again for the great trade Marck, it was really appreciated on this end...

As always, thanks for reading...Robert

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  1. great post Robert! Glad it was worth the wait for you... Good luck on that pack and next time I send you a program, I will make it is signed by at least a few girls... Cheers!