Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packs Across America: Tallevast, FL

I have Marck from Troll at the plate! to thank for these two packs of cards, well one pack of cards and one very obscure pack of scratch off cards that I had never seen before I opened his trade envelope earlier this week.

Here we go:

     City/state:  Tallevast, FL
     Location: LCS (?)
     Packs: 1 pack of 2011 Allen & Ginter (Hobby), and 1 pack of MLB Scratch Hit from 1994 (approx).

Pack 1:

5 base cards:

233. Ben Zobrist
157. Corey Hart
99. Placido Polanco
253. Mike Minor
236. B.J. Upton

Sadly, none of these hit my want list, but that happens.

Then we have a Hometown Heroes of Prince Fielder, a code breaker code of the Iron Chef, and a mini World's Mysterious Figures of Fulcanelli. 

Easily a good pack overall with 3 tradeable cards.  An A for sure.

Pack 2:  1994 Scratch Hit (raise your hands if you've seen this before)

This is the wrapper...I've never seen these had me intrigued for sure, so naturally I had to rip it.

And this is the back (on the left), and front of the card.  Similar to a scratch off lottery card, only there are 6 letters under the baseballs,

HR=Home Run

You keep scratching each inning until you hit the O, then you move on to the next inning.  Play all 9 innings, tally your score, then scratch off one of the visitor's scores at the bottom, and see who wins.  What was interesting is the various team logos on the back of the cards.  I received 7 unique teams, Cardinals, Expos, Reds, Cubs, Rockies, Phillies, and Braves (2x).  For entertainment and educational value alone, this pack gets an A+. 

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