Saturday, September 10, 2011

Packs Across America: New Castle, PA

Good evening all, this is going to be the first in a series of pack breaks from different towns and cities across the USA.  Naturally, I've decided to start with my current hometown, New Castle, PA which is about an hour north of Pittsburgh.  There are only 2 options that I'm aware of in my town, either the Wal-Mart on the west side of town, or the K-Mart on the east side of town.  This time I used the Wal-Mart to purchase 3 packs:

City/State : New Castle, PA
Location:  Wal Mart
Purchase:  3 Rack Packs of Topps Lineage

I still do have mixed feelings about this set, the inserts are kind of cool, although I think the diamond parallels should have been contained to the Topps base set.  Another aspect of the set that I enjoy is the ability to pull cards of past greats, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig etc.  The rack packs had a price of $4.99 for 14 cards, MUCH better than the hobby packs which are priced at $5 per pack for 8 cards.
On to the packs:

Pack 1:

47. Lance Berkman
50. Lou Gehrig
58. Gordon Beckham
70. Carlos Santana  (haven't heard any of this Santana's music yet)
83. Adam Wainwright
93. Roy Oswalt
114. Dustin Pedroia
120. Ichiro
166. Yovani Gallardo
178. Albert Pujols
179. Jake McGee
187. Justin Verlander
189. Jaime Garcia
123. Andre Ethier (75 mini)

Pack 2:

45. Ryan Howard
57. Willie McCovey
71. Kurt Suzuki
82. Ike Davis
91. Brent Morel RC
99. Honus Wagner
128. Vernon Wells
139. Michael Pineda
147. Ryan Braun
160. Stephen Strasburg
174. Adam Jones
183. Brian McCann

2011 Rookies 3 of 20 Brent Morel
156. Austin Jackson (Diamond parallel)

Pack 3:

54. Alfonso Soriano
62. Adrian Beltre
68. Alexei Ramirez
85. Al Kaline
87. David Ortiz
100. Babe Ruth
157. Wandy Rodriguez
165. Jose Reyes
171. Ryne Sandberg
186. Mel Ott
188. Daniel Hudson
195. Chipper Jones
198. Andruw Jones

Parallels and inserts

I did a little research on the set, and at only 200 cards, it may be something that I end up putting together a set of.  I did fairly well with these 3 packs, no duplicates, and 4 decent inserts/parallels...

Overall Pack Grade:  B

Thanks for reading, Robert

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