Monday, September 19, 2011

I was so proud of myself last night because....

I cleaned my desk off...all the trades, and piles of cards to be mailed, and packs to be "processed" and put away...done, desk clean, even my wife couldn't believe it (I'm such a procrastinator when it comes to that).  Well, that went by the wayside today.  4 more envelopes arrived in the mail, and I'm sure that the mailman has a hernia after today's haul! 

Two group breaks arrived today, as well as 2 more trades...Blue Jays aplenty, some more cards off of my want list, and some interesting oddities/packs as well.  Where to begin....well, why don't I tie in one of the group breaks with the poll I ran last week asking what should I buy...

Let's start off with the group break from the Double D blog (sorry, but I've read enough of the blog and emails back and forth with Sam, and dimwit just doesn't apply here).  I jumped on the opportunity a few weeks back to get in on the group break from 2006 Artifacts, especially since my Blue Jays were tied in with the Angels and Royals.  Here we go...first, some neat cards from Upper Deck X and Timelines.

RIP Rick Adenhart
Three cards pictured here...Torii Hunter's is by far the coolest of the bunch, actually die cut in the shape of an 'X'.  The Rick Adenhart card snapped me back into reality for a moment; it made me remember that there were some very young pro athletes that passed on over the past few years.

Next up are some cards that I really enjoyed seeing, again because I'd never seen them before.  2009 OPC baseball... I believe that these have convinced me to open a hobby box of 2009 OPC.  The card stock reminds me a lot of the early 2000's UD Vintage releases, and of course the OPC name for me is something I've enjoyed for a long time as well, going  back to my collecting days of the 70's.  Another plus is I found a hobby box online for $37+ s/h, so that will not break the bank for me. 

The next set to collect, 2009 OPC

Finally, some of the meat of the package, the jerseys/auto.

Another Jays auto, Gustavo Chacin, #'d 51/800.  Interesting to note that the card states that it was "sent to Upper Deck directly from Gustavo Chacin".  Why then use a sticker instead of hard signing the card itself?  Just askin...Both of the Ervin Santana jersey cards are gray swatches and serial numbered (the larger patch being 40/45!)

The envelope also included a pack of Bowman Platinum, which I'm gonna save for my "Packs Across America" post later this week. 

The Angels cards are up for trade, so if anyone is interested, just drop me a line.  Thanks again Sam for a great group break, it was enjoyed very much on this end.  

Thanks for reading, Robert...

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