Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Going a different route during week 7

Good morning all, I decided to go a different route this week for my $30 budget.  I was reading one of the many blogs I follow, Community Gum, where there was an opportunity to purchase some Blue Jays cards.  I was stoked to see some really cool cards available, especially a J.P. Arencibia bat auto numbered 66/99!!  I left a message on their boards last night asking for a quote on that card plus two others from Topps Lineage (Drabek platinum refractor and Aaron Hill diamond parallel), and this morning I awoke to a very reasonable quote sitting in my email.   Needless to say, payment has been made and I should receive the cards within the next couple of weeks...I'll be sure to show them off for you when I do get them!

The other method that I decided to look at was the bay....I do shop there every once in a while looking for cheapo lots of cards, usually jersey lots.  Last night however I happened to find a nice little 10 card Blue Jay lot, with 2 game used and 2 serial numbered for $3.99 shipped.  That was paid for this morning as well.

Finally, I have bid on a couple of auctions on the bay from The Real DFG, including a Phil Kessel card from the '10-11 The Cup set (it's amazing how these Cup set cards are falling into my lap the past few weeks).  As long as the bidding doesn't go too crazy for the Kessel card, all 3 of these purchases will be shipped to me for right around $25 total, which for me is not a bad week's work to add to both my Blue Jays and Leafs collections.

[EDIT:  The Kessel Cup card was won for $4 shipped on 9/14/11, total for purchases is $25.49]

I'll be sure to show off my purchases when they are received.  Thanks for reading..Robert

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