Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blogger generosity continues...

Good evening all, hope that you have made it through the first part of the week OK.  Just wanted to gush a little about the trade packet I received from Spiegel over at Nomo's sushi platter.  Once again, the blogging community comes through for me in a big way.  I received many different varieties of goodness, including:

Vintage Jays
Some older Jays, including Bob Davis (did you know that his hobby is snake hunting?) and John Mayberry, whose son currently plays for the Phillies.  Finally, Joe Carter's trip around the bases to win the '93 World Series is immortalized by a Gold rush card from '94 Score.

Newer Jays

Some Newer Jays, including Dickie Thon's son (I had no idea he was in the Jays system), J.P. Arencibia, hopefully the catcher for the Jays for the next 10 years or so, and another card I love, from this year's Heritage set, a quad photo of Jose Bautista becoming the first Jay in history to hit 50 HRs.

All stars, diamonds, and Jack LaLanne

Always good to get another diamond parallel, a couple of all stars (Kennedy having a great season with the D-backs), and even Jack LaLanne (who still has his own website...see here)

All in all, I received about 40 unique Jays cards, a couple of diamond parallels, and a dozen Allen & Ginters off of my want list, bringing me below 100 cards needed to finish that set.   If you ever get a chance to trade with Spiegel, don't hesitate because as the No Relics Pulled  blog says..Nomo doesn't disappoint.   Thanks again for the great trade, it is greatly appreciated!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. It was a great trade. I had the Blue Jays just piling up, waiting to be sent out to someone. Thanks for the trade!