Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 more trades bring the Jays count over 500!

Good Sunday morning to all, I take it you are getting ready for some football.  I figured I'd start the morning out adding to my list of Blue Jays, which with the help of 2 more trades has brought the total count well over 500.  The first trade was from reader Steve D., who sent me a boat load of Jays cards from various years.  In return for those cards I sent Steve some needs from current sets, as well as some Yankees & Mets that he collects.  I will not take the time to scan everything he sent me..but there were a couple of cards that I really liked in the pile that I did scan...

The card on the left I hadn't seen in quite some time, it is a hologram from the '91 UD set, and I was actually quite surprised at how well the scan turned out.  If you hold the card at a certain angle, the stitches of the baseball actually appear red, which is great.
The card on the right I had never seen before, but I thought it was pretty cool.  It is a '03 Fleer ticket to the majors card of Guillermo Quiroz, #'d 1443/1850.  I like the design of the card, especially the portion that is the "ticket", which is actually recessed on the card front.  Really cool, and Steve, thank you very much for the trade, I hope you enjoy the cards that I sent you!

The second trade was with Greg over at Plaschke, thy sweather is argyle.  Greg is quickly becoming a favorite trading partner of mine, especially when he sends me sweet cards such as:

I received this the other day and was instantly smiling.  Great Adam Lind auto card from 2009 Topps Unique.  Greg saw the David Wright dirty jersey card from Topps Heritage on my blog and offered a straight up trade for this.  I naturally accepted quickly and cards were in the mail before you knew it.  Thanks again Greg, I know that you and I will be trading again for sure!

Remember marks the 10th anniversary of 9/11/ sure to take a moment and remember those who died in the tragedy, and say a quick thank you to the firefighters, police and paramedics who risk their lives every day to protect us.  God Bless America.

As always...thank you for reading, Robert


  1. Hey Robert,

    If the trade for the AGA-AC (Aroldis Chapman)auto falls threw i have about 3 really nice adam lind auto plus a bunch of your bluejays and base needs....Get at me

  2. Thanks again for the trade, glad you like the Lind!