Saturday, August 13, 2011

Week 3 start...2 trades completed

Completed two trades at the Bench today and mailed them off this morning.  Both will help my baseball want lists(2010 Topps Baseball and 2011 A&G)...$3.42 in postage means we're at $1.82 in the hole, not too bad so far. 

Have added a page as well for my Hockey Want List, it will be under construction for quite a while as I start adding sets that were partially completed over the years.   But for now, any Maple Leafs cards you may have, base/relic/auto, I'll do my best to trade for them.  I also collect Joe Sakic, that will be another page in the future that I have to put up with all the cards that I do have.

Thanks for stopping by....(11 followers now, thanks to Captain Canuck for stopping by and getting on board).

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