Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 3: Friday brings a busy trade week to a close

     Good evening friends, and happy Friday to you all! Up to Wednesday I was $8.51 in the hole, I then completed a trade with Eric over at Manupatches and Chrome Scratches.  I was able to send him a couple of patches he didn't own, along with some mustache cards ( I think that is one of the coolest topical sets I've come across in a long time) and some Royals cards as well.  The postage on that was $1.88 putting me down $10.39....  until....I paid a long overdue visit to a card store that is near my work.  I hadn't bought any packs in a couple of weeks, and since I hadn't been there in quite a while, I figured I'd go check it out.  Limited on cash, I however was able to find a deal on 2009 Topps Heritage high number packs, 4 for $10.  Since I had never purchased any '09 Heritage, I figured what the hell, give it a shot....I normally don't do a full rundown, but this time I will because I feel I did all right today.  I also got a bit of a surprise when I opened the packs because I was unaware that they contained 6 Heritage cards along with 2 Topps Update cards...

Pack 1:
645. Mike Sweeney
667. Willy Taveras
597. Jason Vargas
517. Michael Saunders
578. Gerardo Parra
UH 89 Phil Hughes
UH 92 Edwin Encarnacion (Jays, another one to add to the collection)
, and finally....

 CHR 160 Ken Griffey Jr. 0861/1960.

In all the different years I bought Heritage, I had the worst luck pulling Chrome cards, so pulling this was pretty cool.

Pack 2:
620. Kenshin Kawakami
648. Trevor Crowe
677. Ryan Sadowski
631. Laynce Nix
639. Scott Kazmir
UH 98 Hanley Ramirez NL All star
UH 142 Jorge Posada season highlights

And, as you can see from the scan on the right, another chrome card...
CHR133 David Huff 0358/1960

This pack was all right as well, 3 rookies and another chrome, maybe luck is changing for me!!

Pack 3:
527. Brandon Wood 
678. Ryan Spilborghs
539. Chris Perez
660. Ramiro Pena
669. Rocco Baldelli
UH29 Rich Hill
UH316 Hunter Pence/Ryan Braun
and finally, shown in the scan,  RP-13...Rookie Performers Ricky Romero, another Blue Jay to add to the collection! 

Pack 4:
526. Brandon Lyon
562. Diory Hernandez
579. George Sherrill
604. Joe Crede
UH 281 Kevin Youkilis

Then two more Blue Jays!!
536. Mark Rzepczynski (I always have trouble with that name)
UH 297 Brett Cecil

Finally, today was my lucky day, a third chrome card in 4 packs

CHR128 Vin Mazzaro 0532/1960

I took a look at the seeding for the Chromes, the wrapper said 1:3, and I hit 3 of them.  Then again, the wrapper also said short prints were seeded 1:3, but I was unlucky there and failed to pull one.

Honestly, I like these cards, the regular cards have 2 photos of the player on the front which is pretty cool.  The multicolored lettering is different, kind of freaky if you ask me, but it's something you really don't see at all.  The backs of the cards have some variety as well, some have "season highlights", where the card lists 4 different dates of the season, and what that particular played accomplished on those days.  The other type of backs have a 7-8 line "biography" of the player (as much of a career recap one can fit in the limited space).

The $10 I spent on the 4 packs for me was well worth it, and brings the running total to $20.39 in the hole to end week 3.  Week 4 starts tomorrow, have a few trades started with fellow bloggers, and it's time to start cleaning up all these monster boxes of cards (ugh!).


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